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Board of Directors

The BCPE is governed by an elected board of directors comprised of ten certificate holders and one public member, and is managed by an Executive and Administrative staff. Each director serves a three year term and is eligible to serve a second, consecutive, three-year term, if re-elected to the Board.  Directors assist the BCPE in carrying out its mission and furthering its goals.

The BCPE is endorsed by the International Ergonomics Association as a recognized ergonomics certifying body and is a corporate member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.


Patrick L. Craven, PhD, CHFP

Denny Yu

Denny Yu, PhD, CPE

SAlmosnino Pic B&W

Sivan Almosnino, PhD, CHFP

Vice President
Gene Kay photo

Gene A. Kay, MS, CPE ret.

Craig BW Headshot

Craig Arndt, PhD, PE, CHFP

Cynthia Rando

Cynthia Rando, MS, MBA, CHFP

Rose BW Head Shot

Rose Figueroa, PhD, CHFP

Alan BW Head Shot

Alan D. McFarland, PhD

Secretary-Director at Large

Shaheen Ahmed, PhD, CPE

Stanch, Penney 2022

Penney Stanch, CIH, CSP, CPE, WELL AP



Rightmire, Kris

Kris Rightmire, BS

Director of Operations
Heather BW

Heather Walston

Executive Assistant

Past Directors

BCPE was found in 1990 thanks to the dedication of its Founders indicated in bold and carried on by the Directors that have followed in their steps.

Alphonse Chapanis, PhD, CHFP (1990-1993)*

David Meister, PhD, CPE (1990-1994)*

Melvin H. Rudov, PhD, CPE (1990-1994)*

Hal W. Hendrick, PhD, CPE (1990-1998)*

Dieter W. Jahns, MS, CPE (Executive Director, 1990 – 1998)*

George A. Peters, MS, JD, CPE (1990-1994)**

H. Harvey Cohen, PhD, CPE (1990-1998)**

David J. Cochran, PhD, CPE (1990-1996)**

Jerry R. Duncan, PhD, CPE (1990-1996)**

Steven M. Casey, PhD, CPE (1990-1996)**

Valerie B. Rice, PhD, CPE (1993-2000)**

Colin G. Drury, PhD, CPE (1994-1997)**

Douglas H. Harris, PhD, CPE (1994-1997)**

Ulrika C. Wallersteiner, MSc, CPE (1994-1996)**

David C. Alexander, MS, CPE (1996-2002)***

Ian Noy, PhD, CPE (1996-1999)**

Robert J. Smillie, PhD, CPE (1996-2002)

Carol Stuart-Buttle, MS, CPE (1996-2004)

J. Brian Peacock, PhD, CPE (1997-2000)**

K. Ron Laughery Jr, PhD, CPE (1998-2000)**

Anna M. Wichansky, PhD, CPE (1998-2001)**

Andrew S. Imada, PhD, CPE (1998-2004)

Gary B. Orr, MSIE, CPE (1999-2001)

James L. Smith, PhD, CPE (2000-2003)**

Randolph G. Bias, PhD, CHFP (2001-2002)***

Steven L. Johnson, PhD, CPE (2000-2005)**

Arnold M. Lund, PhD, CUXP (2000-2006)**

Waldemar Karwowski, PhD, CPE (2003-2006)

Dennis K. McBride, PhD, CPE (2002-2006)***

Susan M. Evans, PhD, CPE (2001-2007)**

William H. Muto, PhD, CPE (2001-2007)**

Peter M. Budnick, PhD, CPE (2002-2008)

Mark S. Hoffman, MA, CPE (2002-2008)**

Robert R. Moritz, MA, CPE (2003-2009)

Ellen M. Gallo, MS, CPE (2007-2009)

Christopher A. Hamrick, MS, CPE (2004-2010)

Marvin J. Dainoff, PhD, CPE (2002-2011)

Elaine C. Wisniewski, MSE, CPE (2008-2011)

James M. Kondziela, PhD, CUXP (2005-2012)

Lynda A. Enos, MS, CPE (2006-2012)

James R. Rudd, PhD, CUXP (2006-2012)**

David M. Copley, MS (Director at Large, 2008-2013)

William J. Boyd, MS, CPE (2007 – 2013)**

Hugh E. McLoone, MS, CPE (2007-2014)

David M. Brodie, MS, CPE (2008-2014)

Pieter C. Kruithof Jr., MS, CPE (2012-2015)***

Jeffrey E. Fernandez PhD, CPE (2010-2016)

Paul A. Green, PhD, CHFP (2011-2016)

Joseph Cohen, PhD, CPE (2011-2017)

Rachel R. Michael, MSc, CPE (2011-2017)

Cindy R. Whitehead, MHS, CPE (2012-2018)

John ("Jeff") F. Kelley, PhD, CUXP (2012-2018)**

Fadi A. Fathallah, PhD, CPE (2013-2019)

Matthew Pierce MBA (Director At Large) (2013-2020)

Robert (Bob) J. Torres MS, CUXP (2014-2020)**

Brian R. Sherman MSISE, CPE (2014-2020)

Kari L. Babski-Reeves PhD, CPE (2015-2021)

James D. Rethaber, PhD, CPE (2017 - 2021)

Michael A. Boggi, MS, CHFP (2016 - 2022)**

Conne Bazley, PhD, CHFP (2018 - 2022)

Jennifer L. Law, MS, CPE (2017 - 2023)

Thomas F. Callaghan, MS, CPE (2020-2023)

Linda Tapp, ALCM, CSP, CPTD (Director at Large) (2020-2023)




Founders in bold

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