Need help with the certification process? Request a Mentor

We have two pathways for finding a mentor to help guide you through the application and exam:

  1. Request a Mentor from an active BCPE member. We have a number of certified professionals who have volunteered to help interested applicants navigate the certification process, from determining eligibility to preparing for the certification exam. BCPE will try to match you with a mentor with a similar background to yours and will forward information on initiating the mentor process. You may request a specific mentor, although it is advised that the applicant talk to the prospective mentor first to ensure his or her availability.
  2. Find a Mentor from the Foundation in Professional Ergonomics. The Foundation is committed to growing the profession and will help you to become educated and experienced in human factors/ergonomics.

Are you a Certified Professional who would like to Mentor others?

BCPE receives many requests to be mentored through the certification process. We try to match mentees with mentors of a similar background. Therefore, the more mentors we have, the closer the match we can make! Please consider becoming a mentor for future certificants of BCPE. If you are interested, please contact us at BCPE. We will introduce you to the Chair of the Mentoring Committee, Chris Hamrick.

Mentor Webinar Series

How to Study for the Exam

Why Should I Get Certified

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