Rose Figueroa, PhD, CHFP

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Rose Figueroa, PhD, CHFP


Dr. Rose Figueroa is a Certified Human Factors Professional and Managing Scientist at Explico, an engineering consulting firm, where she investigates accidents throughout the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. She has experience in a broad range of settings such as industrial and occupational, commercial / passenger / recreational vehicles, medical inpatient/outpatient / surgical, boating/watersports, and customer, residential, and public grounds.

Trailblazing the path for the past decade, she has served as a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategic consultant, speaker, and workshop facilitator for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, universities, and startups. As a result, she is the Founder and Program Director at Dr. Figueroa has also led impactful philanthropic initiatives, including state-wide relief efforts, she serves in multiple national organizations (i.e., SHPE, HFES), and is the Chair Advisory Board Chair for Women of Color in the Workplace.

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