Continuance of Certification

It is important to maintain your certification.  Staying certified tells the world you are serious about your profession.  Certification also lets potential employers know that you are aware of current developments in your field, and that you are interested in remaining up-to-date with new information.

A recertification process is best practice for certification bodies and required for accreditation. Therefore Continuance of Certification (CoC) is mandatory.  Lack of worksheet submission leads to loss of certification.

Individuals holding full Professional certification (CPE®, CHFP®, or CUXP®) must submit CoC evidence every 5 years.  This 5-year cycle is consistent with the review of the core competencies of the profession.

The CoC Worksheet (docx) provides guidance on completing the required documentation and submission of your Continuance of Certification.  Please submit completed CoC worksheets by logging in and going to your BCPE Profile page. A certificate is required to delineate professional activities in at least 2 of 5 areas that amount to a minimum of 100 points over 5 years. The five areas are:

  • Working as a certified ergonomist.

  • Receiving or providing ergonomics-related training.

  • Ergonomics-related services to societies, committees or standards development activities.

  • Publishing ergonomics-related articles, papers or internal/external company reports.

  • Attendance or participation at ergonomics-related professional conference/meeting.

Approximately one month before your CoC worksheet is due you will receive a reminder of the due date. If you do not know your due date, by logging in and going to your BCPE Profile page and check the due date.  This information is provided in your Personal profile in the Categorization section. Only Certificants with full Professional certification are required to complete CoC worksheets.

Each worksheet is closely reviewed. You will be contacted if there are questions or need for clarification. Expect an outcome of the review within 8 weeks from worksheet submission. An approved worksheet leads to recertification for another 5 years.

BCPE conducts periodic audits of randomly selected worksheets to ensure the process is working.  Those whose worksheets are selected must submit supporting documentation as described in CoC Audit Notes verifying the activities listed on their worksheet. Certificants are advised to keep documentation of their CoC points until the submitted worksheet has been approved and they receive recertification.

Certificants who do not submit a worksheet or who do not satisfy the requirements after at least three reminders, will lose their certification. The loss of certification is communicated by certified mail and the individual will no longer be listed in the directories and their name will be published in the BCPE newsletter.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Continuance of Certification, are provided in the CoC FAQs.

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