New Certificants Spring-Summer 2022

Congratulations to our newest certificants!

Professional Certificants:
Paul Ritchey DrPH, CPE
Kathryn Tippey PhD, CPE
Camille Peres PhD, CHFP
Amanda Skidmore MA, CPE
Mitchell Carswell BHK, CPE*
Emma Levitt BSME, CHFP*
Heena Dani BS, CHFP
Daniel Mines MSc, CPE
Brian Hanlon MS, CPE
Haylee Mercer MA, CPE
Michael White MS, CPE
*Transitioned from Associate – Professional

Associate Certificants:

Andrew Nakushian MS, AHFP
Sam Wilkerson BS, AEP
Tim Fay MS, AHFP
David Lakey MPH, AEP
Maria Sanchez Morales BA, AEP
Dianneliz Garcia MS, AEP
Hannah Brinza MS, AEP
Laith Abuhaija MS, AHFP
Rebecca Wantuck BA, AEP
Michael Sekenda MPH, AEP
Brendan Palm MS, AEP
Dominic Nayan MS, AEP
Christiana Ridgeway MEng, AHFP
Tiffaney Alexander PhD, AEP
Melanie Maier MS, AHFP
Kaysey Aguilar DrPH, AEP
Dylan Gatlin MPH
Eric Weston PhD, AEP
Katie Seid MS, AEP
Jamontrey Sawyers MISE, AEP
Lydia Kocher MS, AEP
Nicholas Barr MS, AEP

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